Guide to CS Engineering and Prep

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Interview Prep

Reference for DS wise Algorithm list

1. Algorithm Prep Material

2. Books

3. Websites

Top Programming Questions To Focus On

  1. A List by NeetCode
  2. Final 450
  3. Leetcode 75

4. Courses

5. YouTube Channels

The channels listed here offer content which is mixed between - Algo/DS questions, Tips for Preparations/Interviews etc.


  1. YouTube Channels for Competitive Programmers
  2. Script to Download Entire YouTube Channel
  3. An awesome list for competitve programming - Codeforces Blog Entry

6. Coding Contests

7. Coding Interview Preparation

8. Some guides from organizations

9. System Design

Have not explored/reviewed any of the following myself, as yet. Feel free to explore. For detailed references on topic-wise distributed systems, refer to dtsdwarak@/distributed-systems-readings

Machine Coding

  1. Spring Boot Quick Start - YouTube Tutorial
  2. Machine Coding Round Practice Questions for Interviews

YouTube Channels

Distributed Systems Courses

10. Behavioral Interviews

11. Mock Interviews

  1. Pramp.com
  2. Gainlo